Supporting a charity re-brand

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust re-branded in December 2020 to Blueprint for All. The name change was driven by the need to distinguish themselves from the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation led by Baroness Lawrence and to better reflect their work and ambitions.

Blueprint for All


Working to incredibly tight time frames, I supported the charity to implement the name change across all their owned digital channels. Blueprint for All’s social channels seamlessly transitioned to the new name on the same day as the website.

I led their web agency, Fat Beehive, to roll out a re-skin of the website within days of receiving the new name and brand assets. I advised the team on how to restructure their website within its existing framework to best reflect the new changes. This included a new site map, website copy and content creation. I then worked with the design and build agency to create new components to help the site’s content sing before implementing the changes to the site via its Wordpress CMS.

I continue to support Blueprint for All’s ambitious growth plans with marketing and communications consultancy. I am currently assisting them to better communicate directly with their end-user beneficiaries who they traditionally have relationships with via schools and community groups.


Blueprint for All have been fortunate to (continue to) benefit from Claire's expertise on a number of projects covering the full range of her skillset - from marketing, brand awareness through to optimising all our digital platforms. Claire is creative, diligent delivery - focused and she comes highly recommended by me.

Sonia Watson OBE, CEO, Blueprint for All

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